CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems Conferderación de Sistemas Indep

CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems Conferderación de Sistemas Indep.) (*Fictitious)

"Anthem of CIS Alliance"

Member Countries

Cis no1

The most original official Logo of CIS Alliance

The alliance currently consists of the following Member Countries:
  • Croatia
  • Mexico
  • The Republic of Macedonia
  • Argentina
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Italy


"It is the hope of these nations to reinforce one another, to the point we can maintain the freedom to which all men aspire. We seek not to intimidate, oppress, or conquer in the name of rampant greed but to fight for a world in which we all can enjoy liberty and justice!" [1]

Chain of Command

CIS Chain of Command
Supreme Commander law7441
Vice Commander Domotine
Military Commander


Asuka Langley Soryu

the droid

Press Director BoukunSuzaku

Official Press

Boukun no Bun
Japanese Title 暴君の文
Literally Translation

Tyrant's Words

Boukunnobun small
Redactor BoukunSuzaku
Founded in August 2013
Subscription 370+
Main Contents Updated information about C.I.S Alliance
Extra Pictures of girls


Event Updates

  • The Confederacy of Independent States (CIS) was founded on May 30th 2014. Morbid Mushroom, the famous Lord of BlackWater Military Unit and e-Japan, became the first Supreme Commander of the alliance.
  • July 2014 - The Republic of Macedonia and BeNeLux (Belgium and The Netherlands) officially joined CIS.
  • August 2014 - Italy and Taiwan officially joined CIS and Benelux was out of the alliance.
  • September 2014 - Brazil, one of the initial countries of CIS, decided to leave CIS.

List of Supreme Commanders

List of CIS Supreme Commanders
June 2014 to July 2014 Morbid Mushroom
July 2014 to present law7441


  1. The Confederacy of Independent States June 2014.