Demony is a citizen of Spain on Suna. He is know for his performance in national Spanish politics and especially for his socialist movement on E-Sim.

Owes its international recognition to his struggle and to their attempts to abolish the ruling Spanish oligarchy. Furthermore, he has adapted the teachings of Karl Marx to E-Sim.

He is also a military man with the rank of Legendary Generalissimuss. He normally fight for Spain but he considers himself independent of the government of Spain and therefore of their actions all due to its known their differences with the same.

He was president of Spain and he has been elected congressman innumerable times. Apart he has exercised several positions of responsibility in the ministries of Spain even he was ambassador of Spain in Mexico.

Also he was leader of his famous party called Partido Progresista Obrero one of the most prestigious political parties on Spain.

He has appeared in various elections treatening the power of the Spanish tyranny oligarchy.

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