Equipment Edit


Example of setup

General info Edit

  • Items last forever
  • Items are not bound to players (it is possible to trade them with others)
  • There are 8 slots
  • There are 6 qualities .
  • There are 11 parameters
  • It is possible to put an item on auction
  • Items are generated as drops in battles, when receiving achievements, when traveling and on auctions
  • Items' parameters are randomized
  • Players have storage for items
  • Some item parameters are good for high level players (ones that give percentage damage increase), other gives fine boost to new players (the ones that adds certain amount of strength or damage to the hit)
  • Item vendor sells helmets only

Slots Edit

  • Helmet
  • Personal armor
  • Vision
  • Weapon upgrade
  • Offhand
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Lucky Charm

Item quality Edit

  • Q1 (Available for everyone)
  • Q2 (Available for everyone)
  • Q3 (Requires some effort to get them)
  • Q4 (Requires lots of effort to get them)
  • Q5 (Very rare items, only top players are able to get one or two Q5 in a battle)
  • Q6 (Only acquirable through merge or buy )

Trading/transferring/buying items Edit

There are 8 ways to obtain an item

  • Get it in a drop in a battle.
  • Buy it on auction from another player.
  • Get it as a donation from another player.
  • Convert (merge) 3 items of the lower quality to receive one item of a higher quality.
  • Split an equipment to get 2 equipment of a lower quality.
  • Get it by inviting people (only armors).
  • Some missions give random equipment.
  • Find it while traveling to other region.

Equipment drops Edit

  • Helmet items will be created by the system and sold on auctions
  • Personal armor will be awarded to people who invite other players
  • Weapon upgrade, Offhand and Vision will be generated in combat

Helmet drops Edit

The system will generate the following number of items each day:

  • 243 Q1
  • 81 Q2
  • 27 Q3
  • 9 Q4
  • 3 Q5

The items will be automatically put on auctions by the system.

Torso drops Edit

  • Q1 armor for inviting 1 player and helping him to reach level 7.
  • Q2 armor for inviting 2 players and helping them to reach level 7.
  • Q3 armor for inviting 5 players and helping them to reach level 7.
  • Q4 armor for inviting 20 players and helping them to reach level 7.
  • Q5 armor for inviting 100 players and helping them to reach level 7.

NOTE: For example, you invited 15 players who reached level 7, you will receive 15x Armor Q1, 7x Armor Q2 and 3x Armor Q3

Battle drops Edit

Items will be generated and given to players at the end of each battle. The number of drops will depend on the size of the battle.

Number of items dropped Edit

  • 1 Q5 item for each 30,000 hits
  • 1 Q4 item for each 10,000 hits
  • 1 Q3 item for each 3,000 hits
  • 1 Q2 item for each 1,000 hits
  • 1 Q1 item for each 300 hits

!!!!WARNING: This information may not be accurate. Waiting for approval...

Let's assume that there was a battle with 100,000 hits. The battle will drop the following number of items:

  • 3 Q5 items
  • 10 Q4 items
  • 33 Q3 items
  • 100 Q2 items
  • 333 Q1 items

Who will receive items Edit

  • Q5 items will be given randomly to BH (Battle Hero) winners
  • Q4 items will be given randomly to top 3 fighters (from all rounds)
  • Q3 items will be given randomly to top 10 fighters (from all rounds)
  • Q2 and Q1 items will be given randomly to every battle participant

General rules:

  • Owning two (and more) BH/top3/top10 spots doubles (multiplies) your chance to receive an item
  • Owning one BH/top3/top10 spots you have a chance to receive multiple items for this spot (for example 2 Q5 items for 1 BH)
  • The more fight you have, the bigger chance you have to receive Q2 and Q1 items

Parameters Edit

  • Increased hit
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced miss c
  • Increased damage
  • Increased critical chance
  • Increased maximum damage
  • Increased chance to avoid damage
  • Increased economic skill
  • Chance for free flight

Chance for free flight increases after time. You won't see effects instantly, you have to wait for 24h.
after 24h → 100% of the parameter will be added to free flight chances
Maximal value of this parameter is 20.0

  • economical skill increase

Economic skill increases after time. You won't see effects instantly, you have to wait for 24h.
after 24h → 25% of the parameter will be added to economic skill
after 48h → 50% of the parameter will be added to economic skill
after 72h → 100% of the parameter will be added to economic skill
Maximal value of this parameter is 10.0

Equipment Settings Edit

  • Increased hit
    • Q1 Increased hit by 10-30
    • Q2 Increased hit by 30-40
    • Q3 Increased hit by 40-50
    • Q4 Increased hit by 50-60
    • Q5 Increased hit by 60-90
    • Q6 Increased hit by 90-130
  • Increased strength
    • Q1 Increased strength by 10-16
    • Q2 Increased strength by 16-20
    • Q3 Increased strength by 20-24
    • Q4 Increased strength by 24-28
    • Q5 Increased strength by 28-40
    • Q6 Increased strength by 40-60
  • Reduced miss chance
    • Q1 Reduced miss chance by 0-1.5%
    • Q2 Reduced miss chance by 1.5-3%
    • Q3 Reduced miss chance by 3-4.5%
    • Q4 Reduced miss chance by 4.5-6%
    • Q5 Reduced miss chance by 6-7.5%
    • Q6 Reduced miss chance by 7.5-9%
  • Increased damage
    • Q1 Increased damage by 0-1%
    • Q2 Increased damage by 1-2%
    • Q3 Increased damage by 2-3%
    • Q4 Increased damage by 3-4%
    • Q5 Increased damage by 4-6%
    • Q6 Increased damage by 6-8%
  • Increased critical chance
    • Q1 Increased critical chance by 0-1%
    • Q2 Increased critical chance by 1-2%
    • Q3 Increased critical chance by 2-3%
    • Q4 Increased critical chance by 3-4%
    • Q5 Increased critical chance by 4-6%
    • Q6 Increased critical chance by 6-8%
  • Increased maximum damage
    • Q1 Increased maximum damage by 0-2%
    • Q2 Increased maximum damage by 2-4%
    • Q3 Increased maximum damage by 4-6%
    • Q4 Increased maximum damage by 6-8%
    • Q5 Increased maximum damage by 8-12%
    • Q6 Increased maximum damage by 12-16%
  • Increased chance to avoid damage
    • Q1 Increased chance to avoid damage by 0-1%
    • Q2 Increased chance to avoid damage by 1-2%
    • Q3 Increased chance to avoid damage by 2-3%
    • Q4 Increased chance to avoid damage by 3-4%
    • Q5 Increased chance to avoid damage by 4-6%
    • Q6 Increased chance to avoid damage by 6-8%
  • Increased economic skill
    • Q1 Increased economic skill by 0.10-0.20
    • Q2 Increased economic skill by 0.20-0.40
    • Q3 Increased economic skill by 0.40-0.60
    • Q4 Increased economic skill by 0-60-0,80
    • Q5 Increased economic skill by 0.80-1.10
    • Q6 Increased economic skill by 1.10-1.40
  • Chance for free flight
    • Q1 Chance for free flight by 0.5-1.0%
    • Q2 Chance for free flight by 1.0-1.5%
    • Q3 Chance for free flight by 1.5-2.0%
    • Q4 Chance for free flight by 2.0-3.0%
    • Q5 Chance for free flight by 3.0-4.0%
    • Q6 Chance for free flight by 4.0-5.5%

Item database Edit

Q3 kevlar helmet

Q3 Helmet Kelvar helmet

Note: There are equipmets that have rare stats

Helmet Edit

  • Q1 Leather helmet
  • Q2 Classic combat helmet
  • Q3 Kevlar helmet
  • Q4 ACH helmet
  • Q5 Nanofiber helmet
  • Q6 Full nanofiber helmet

Personal armor Edit

  • Q1 Leather jacket
  • Q2 Flack armor
  • Q3 Kevlar vest
  • Q4 Full kevlar armor
  • Q5 Nanofiber vest
  • Q6 Full nanofiber armor

Vision Edit

  • Q1 Sun goggles
  • Q2 Binoculars
  • Q3 Infrared goggles
  • Q4 Night vision goggles
  • Q5 NV goggles with tactical radio
  • Q6 Spotting scope

Offhand Edit

  • Q1 Compass
  • Q2 Field map
  • Q3 Walkie-talkie
  • Q4 GPS
  • Q5 Combat laptop
  • Q6 Laser target designator

Pants Edit

  • Q1 Green army pants
  • Q2 Desert army pants
  • Q3 Winter army pants
  • Q4 Black army pants
  • Q5 Moro pants
  • Q6 Tactical trousers

Shoes Edit

  • Q1 Old school army shoes
  • Q2 Trooper shoes
  • Q3 Sniper shoes
  • Q4 Desert shoes
  • Q5 Boots
  • Q6 Commando shoee

Lucky Charm Edit

  • Q1 Four-leaf clover
  • Q2 Talisman
  • Q3 Teddy bear
  • Q4 Lucky coin
  • Q5 Elephant statue
  • Q6 Funny bunny

Generating items Edit

Every item will have two random parameters during its creation. Each parameters will have randomized values. An equipment may have double parameters.

Merge and Split Edit

Players are able to merge three items of the lower level into one item of the higher level.

  • Items of the lower level will be destroyed
  • Items of the higher level will be randomly generated (by parameters and their values)
  • There will be a fee on generating the items, the fee will depend on item level
  • The type of created item will depend on the type of lower items used (each lower type adds 1/3 chance for that higher type to be generated)

For details see here: Merge and split

Item auctions Edit

  • Auctions are based on English type of auction
  • Everyone is able to put an item on auction
  • Auction duration is set by users
  • There is a 2% fee on auctions paid by auctioneer

New SetEdit

Besides normal equipments we have also special sets. They are rare in the game, also merging or splitting may turn them into normal equipment.

  • Parameters. Each set has it's own rules for parameters, they are always generated randomly but some sets have less parameters. Lucky charm is an exception. It always has parameters chosen from: increase economy skill, chance to avoid damage, chance for free flight, increase critical chance, miss chance reduction.
  • Merge. The chance to get equipment from special set is +25% for each equipment from this set used in merge. This means that even if you will use equipments from only one special set you have 25% chance to get ordinary equipment.
  • Split. First equipment from split, the one of same slot, has 75% chances to belong to the same set as the splitted item, second equipment from split has only 25% chance for it. This means that when you are splitting equipment you may get two, one or none equipments from special set.
  • Pirate set. Possible parameters: reduce miss chance, increase avoid chance, increase damage, increase max damage. Pants and shoes: chance for free flight. Helmet and personal armor: increase economy skill. Offhand and weapon upgrade: increase critical chance

FAQ Edit

  • When was it implemented?
  • It was implemented on January (mid) 2013.
  • Are the items for inviting people be given retrospectively?
  • Yes.

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