Overview Edit

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  • Estonia was added on day 368 of e-Sim
  • First President was tomyk12. First president elected after reset EnjoyMe.
  • During the first days Estonia was friends with Lithuania and didn't belong to any alliances. On day 880 they joined alliance The Federation and after that on day 947 Opposing Front . On day 1193 they joined alliance SELLUM



Communication Edit

Current Alliance (1193 - .... primera E-sim day)Edit

Country stats (based on e-sim day 1183) Edit

  • Citizens : 114
  • Total damage : 2,604,207,099
  • Strenght : 177,272
  • Productivity : 15,610

Top 5 Partys Edit

Top 5 Military Units (by damage) Edit

Best players before reset Edit

  • nuustik with 2,144,493,566 total damage
  • Megahit and atixs with 2754 strength
  • puruluks with 20.562 economic skill
  • Orlandio most active journalist with 232 articles and over 2000 subscribers



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