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Alright, I'll give you a history lession on the topic, please listen to this objectively.

Around day 800 of the game, Sweden owned Finland and had been for quite a while. Day 900 something, we created an alliance that included Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and some others, I believe this was Offensive Force (OF) but all the alliance names keep blending together. Estonia had a huge problem with inactivity back then, and out of good faith Sweden let Estonia attack Finland so they could have a war of their own. Then, the server got reset, the high regions shuffled etc etc. Sweden ended up with the same High Region as Norway and our High Region was worthless, estimated a third of the value of Estonias. We discussed this in the alliance we made, SELLUM, and Estonia claimed that they owned Finland because we once let you have Finland.No deal was ever made over this, we never said that Finland is yours you have. But still we agreed to a rental agreement.

I knew that I could only be president one month, so the duration of the contract was onlyto the 5'th November when the new president would be elected. The reasoning for this was that I could not decide for the next president, I clearly stated that it would have to be renegotiated. But that didn't happen, time goes by and in the end of January Megahit came to me raging, demanding gold and blaming Sweden for fucking Estonia over. I repeated what I've said now, that we never promised you Finland but that we agreed to a rental agreement, the rental agreement would HAVE TO BE RENEGOTIATED with new presidents. Megahit made a huge deal out of it (I can kind of understand this, he was under the assumption that we still had a deal) and threatened for Estonia to leave SELLM (I believe USA had left by then but not Mexico). Anyway, Sweden ended up paying for November - January in good faith since Megahit clearly wasn't aware that the deal wasn't in effect anymore. After this happened, I haven't heard anything about it. No deal has been signed for Eastern Finland since then.

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