Freedom1923 is a Turkish commander, diplomat and economist who has been playing this game since the first day. He has been part of different governments as MoFA and he was elected as the president of Turkey two times. He also worked in French government as a babyboom organizer.

Early Life

He started playing this game in the first day, and has been chosen as the first MoFA of Turkey. He is also the owner of the second newspaper of the game <<Ankara Times>>.

As the first MoFA of Turkey, he has been one of the founders of <<IMEN>> (International Militay and Economic Network) Alliance with Macedonian, Serbian and Polish representatives.

He has left his MoFA mission because of personal issues and retired for a few months.

Military Career

He has founded ASLANTEPE Military Unit on 11 March 2012 with aslanozkan and cihan lale. This military unit was belonging to Galatasaray fans at the beginning, then it became the strongest military unit of Turkey.

ASLANTEPE is now at the 22nd place in global rankings.

Babyboomer Career

He was interested in increasing populations of countries in e-Sim, so he started to discover babyboom methods from a very early age. He has worked with many other babyboomers and invited players for different countries. The players whom was invited by him became even president of their countries. (Taliberti)

More than 11k people has registered to e-Sim with his link and more than 600 of them have reached to level 7. Working as a babyboomer has provided him a good income, which he had chance to spend for his military unit and country.

Diplomatic Career

He was an active diplomat in his first two years of the game, and he has played an active role in the foundatoin of many different alliances. He has worked as SC, MC of some alliances and he has met many foreign players which gave him chance to be known internationally.

Political Career

Even though he doesn't like describing himself as a politican, he tried to help his country as a president for 3 times (2 times elected, 1 time with a civil war). He has never candidated to be a congress member (but he has one congress member medal because he was in the first congress of Turkey as he was one of the first 20 players)

Freedom medals