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Official ChannelEdit

Official IRC channel in RizonEdit

Server name:

Server port: 6667

Channel name: #e-sim

Official wiki IRC channel in RizonEdit

Server name:

Server port: 6667

Channel name: #e-sim_wiki

Official IRC Support channel in Rizon Edit

Server name:

Server port: 6667

Primera Channel name:

Secura Channel name:

Suna Channel name:

Official IRC channel in quakenetEdit

Server name:

Server port: 6667

Channel name: #e-sim

Irc via www: --> Rizon --> channel #e-sim

IRC Programs Edit

mIRC ->

XChat ->

IceChat ->


IRC factsEdit

You can contact with e-sim staff via IRC on our official channel.

Official IRC Channel

Primera: #strade

Secura: #setrade

Suna: #sutrade

These are the channels you can trade products, as the name suggests. Products are bought or sold from #strade simply because products in #strade can be bought for a really low price, but also sold in big numbers, making it more useful than the product market, where you can only buy stuff for high prices, and sell only a few products. Also, when trading in either trade channel, no taxes are paid. This is very useful for the sellers, because this neutralizes the low prices.

How to trade on either #strade/#setrade/#sutrade?

You can trade in #strade in 2 different ways:

The first one is a contract. This method is surely the safest one, because you're sure you get the stuff you want. The only downside of a contract is that it takes a few minutes to make one.

The second one is donating. You donate your money/stuff to the other person, and the other person donates his stuff/money to you. This method is dangerous because you can get scammed, meaning that the other person doesn't completes his part of the trade. But if you trade with someone who has a voice (this will appear right next to his name in the irc-chat) than you can use the donate way, because it means they're trusted!

Connect via www

If you don't have your IRC client, you can instantly connect via those links:




4. Direct link

Creating Own nickname in IRCEdit

Register your Nick

Note:Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, and often silently do not deliver's emails. Try to avoid registering with these email providers.

Yahoo and Yahoo managed emails such as ATT' and SBCGlobal sometimes works, but not always. Gmail works well.

  1. Choose a user name or nick. This user name should consist only of the letters from A-Z, the ciphers from 0-9 (but not as first character) and certain symbols such as "_" and "-" ("\" breakes some mails). It may have a maximum of 16 characters. Please note that some nicknames are used internally and cannot be used. Also, please stay family friendly with your nicknames
  2. Change your user name to the user name you have chosen. Suppose you chose the nick "StupidName" for example. Type the following in the input line:
  3. /nick StupidName
  4. Register your nick or user name. Type the following command and replace your_password with a password that will be easy to remember and use a working email address.
  1. /ns register yourPassword yourEmailAccountName@yourMailProvider
  2. Get the confirmation code from your email inbox. Type the following command and replace confirmation_code with the code sent to you in the email (NEVER replace the word "nickserv" in /msg nickserv ... with your nick). It has the template shown below
  1. /ns confirm confirmation_code
    If you want your email address to remain private, use the following command:
    /ns set hide email on
  2. Register an alternate nickname using the same password. If you would like to register an alternate nickname, repeat the same procedure, using steps 2 to 4. Alternatively type /ns GROUP mainNick mainPass (see /ns help group)
  3. Identify with NickServ. Each time you connect, you should sign in, or "identify" yourself, using the following command:
  1. /ns identify your_password ( or /identify your_password on some servers )
  2. Auto connect with mibbit: For your convience, if you are using the fully featured (main client) and created a Mibbit account and are logged in, you can add that nick and password to the "My Account" list to be auto-identified. Most clients have their own way of setting up an auto-connect also.

/ns is an alias for /msg nickserv on the Mibbit network and on most IRC clients )

Note: If you get on the server (after registering) and someone else has taken your name: type in /ns GHOST <username> <password> to kick the user from your nickname. Then type /nick <username> to change your nick back!

You can also do '/ns help' for extensive help (some servers also use /nickserv).

Creating your own Channel in IRCEdit

1. Choose a name for your channel. When you want to enter to your channel, you need to wrtie # and then you channel (Example: #e-sim )* 

2. Register your channel. Type the following command and replace #yourchannel with the name of the channel you chose.

1. /cs register #yourchannel password description

2. Password - password for the chan, try to type something you will remember, but not to easy.

Description - what the channel for, why you create it

3. Activate the owner mode. the owner mode give you House symbol (in mibbit) and ~symbol in other chats. Type the following command and replace #yourchannel with the name of the channel you chose.

/cs set #yourchannel ownermode on

1. Protect Mode - the level after owner, give you the key symbol in mibbit and & symbol in other chats. Type the following command and replace #yourchannel with the name of the channel you chose.

/cs set #yourchannel protectmode on

4. Enter the bot - the bot is doing the technical stuff, like giving admin/owner and more. there are alots of bots. if you wanna know all their names - click here (rizon bots). Type the following command and replace #yourchannel with the name of the channel you chose, and bot name with the bot you chose (like [^_^])

/bs assign #yourchannel bot name

5. Invite people! your chan is ready and set, now you just need to inivte some people.

to more info write this command:

/cs help

For more info in creating the channel - click here

Official country channelsEdit

Refer to this link

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