Kharidi is a Suna citizen who registered on day 335.

He is the follower of the now-banned President Vladislav

Kharidi worked for Moldova and was the one who founded the United Moldova Party. He is also the founder and current CEO of World Bank Inc., a SC which is meant to keep currency and help citizens and countries.

He first becam President after impeaching Crewell, then he was elected two times. During his first elected term, he investigated the Org and Reported KanjiDots who is now banned. He also bought a company which he later donated to Moldova Org.

During his second term he established Moldovan Medals, Ranks, Orders, Titles and Government positions to aid the CP as well as public servants offices. He is the Director of IMEAA which he claims to be the Agency that destroys politcal systems and economical empires. He is the Leader of The Sovereign Military Order of MaltaDuring his second term, he also proposed a law to found the United Nations Organisation. He became the Leader and First General Secretary of The United Nations. In this second term, he transferred the Leadership of the Army of Moldova MU from Moldova Org to Moldova Ministry of Defense.

He was president of Moldova in February 2016 after the impeachment of Crewel. He was then elected President of Moldova in March 2016, May 2016, June 2016, July 2016, August 2016.

His downfall in Moldova began shortly after September 2016. His Citizenship was revoked and he became a romanian citizen shortly afterwards. The person who did that was Fascist who was later banned.

As a romanian citizen he became congressman and ran for presidency in January and lost. After 2 weeks, the winner was impeached and Kharidi became President of Romania.


He owns 14 Congressman Medals and 6 President Medals. He also holds the Rank of Colonel.

Political Career:

  1. He was elected 13 times congressman or Moldova and 1 time congressman of Romania
  2. He became president for first time after The Impeachment of Crewell
  3. He was elected president in:
    1. March 2016
    2. May 2016
    3. June 2016
    4. July 2016
    5. August 2016
  4. He founded the United Nations
  5. He founded the United Moldova Party
  6. He organized the country both Politically and Military by Creating the first government
  7. He founded the World Bank Inc.
  8. He founded The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

National Honours:

1. Kneaz
2. Colan of the Star of Moldova
3. Honorary Grand Vojevode
4. Order of Michael the Brave 1st Class

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