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Law proposal Edit

Law proposals can be submitted by congress members or by presidents!

Each law proposal requires more than 50% votes to be accepted except impeachment. More than 2/3 votes of the congress is required for impeachment.

Members of congress also be careful when you vote as once you do vote it cannot be undone.

Law proposals by congress Edit

There are 8 type of law proposals which can be proposed by congress members (refer to links below) :

Revoke Citizenship

Print money Edit


Elect president Edit

Propose to revoke a Citizenship

Propose welcome message Edit

Propose registration page messages Edit

Propose crowd funding for BB in your country Edit

Law proposals by president Edit

Any Country President may propose up to 5 new laws each 24 hour period. There are 7 type of law proposals which can be proposed by president (refer to links below):

Attack region:Edit

Manage subsidieEdit

Proposta de aliançaEdit

Declare warEdit

Sign peaceEdit

Referendum Edit

Create a coalitionEdit

Join a coalitionEdit

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