About Medals

In e-Sim there are 10 different medals. Every medal requires different task completed to be awarded.

You will receive 5 gold when you are awarded with a medal. Each kind of medal can be awarded Infinite Times.

Where can I see how many medals I have?

You can see your Medals on your Profile Page. You can also check other citizen's medal on their Profile Page.



Icon Name Description

Congressman Medal

Awarded for winning congress elections.

President Medal

Awarded for winning the presidential elections.

Super soldier medal

The Super soldier medal is awarded for every 30 training sessions.

Society Builder Medal

Awarded for Inviting 10 citizens and aiding them to reach level 7.

Media Mogul Medal

Awarded for each 100 citizens, who subscribed your newspaper.

Hard Worker Medal

Awarded for working 30 days in a row.

Battle Hero Medal

Awarded for dealing the highest damage in a battle round (one medal for the top attacker and defender).

Resistance Hero Medal

Citizen has initiated a successful Resistance war which was won by the Resistance force.

Tester Medal

Awarded for reporting bugs, working on wiki and other contributions to e-Sim.

Tournament Medal

Awarded for winning a tournament battle and dealing min. 30 hits in the battle.

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