Merging Edit

  • You can merge 3 equipments of same Q to one Equipment of a higher Q, 3 equipments used for merge will be destroyed.
  • Stats of new equipment will be random, but slot of it will be same as one of equipments that was used for merge.

Cost of merge Edit

  • It depends on Q of 3 equips:
  • 3 q1 to merge = 0.3g
  • 3 q2 to merge = 1g
  • 3 q3 to merge = 3g
  • 3 q4 to merge = 9g
  • 3 q5 to merge = 27g

Splitting Edit

  • You can split any equipment from q2 to q6
  • It won't cost you anything
  • You will get 2 equipment of lower Q
  • One will be the same slot as equipment that was split with same stats, second will be one of 5 slots, chosen randomly.
  • When player splits an equipment, he receives two equipments from lower quality (eg Q4 → 2x Q3). First of the same slot as the splitted equipment and second equipment of random slot. Chances of getting specific slots of equipment are different for different slots of equipment, more in a table below:

Merge and split

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