Every citizen above level 4 can create a newspaper and write his own articles.

Writing articles is an excellent opportunity to express your feelings, make an announcement or to do business.


Creating A Newspaper Edit

  • Creating a newspaper costs 2.00 Gold
  • To create a newspaper you need to be level 4 or higher
  • You need to provide a unique newspaper name and an avatar (optional)

Writing An Article Edit

  • You can only write one article per hour
  • You can select which country your article will be published in e-sim
  • You can use BBCode in your articles
  • You can choose article type too which is a new update
  • You can place Images in your articles
  • You can add url's by adding a [url]text[/url], citizens by adding a [citizen]name[/citizen] and several similar features.
  • Players with Premium Accounts are able to see who has voted and subscribed to their newspaper, as well as country statistics.

Subscriptions Edit

  • Other players can subscribe to your newspaper using the subscribe button
  • Players that subscribe to your newspaper will receive a notification in their subscriptions tab when you write a new article
  • You will receive a Media Mogul Medal for every 100 people that subscribe to your newspaper.

Who will win Uefa Champions League ?

The final of Uefa Champions League is only a few days away and we wait to see who will be the Queen of Europe's football.  The edition 2015-2016 is the 24 th edition since this competition was renamed and we already know that a spanish team will win . This final is  gonna take place on Giussepe Meazza in Milano on 28 may 2016. 

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