Every player in e-sim can upgrade his/her account to Premium. This upgrade lasts for a certain period of time and gives the accounts some advantages over other players. Payment for this upgrade can happen either through Credit Card (Premium accounts can be expanded, again at a certain price) An account that is premium will have a Yellow Star next to the name.


Other than the prestige of the Yellow Star next to your name, if you upgrade your account you will be able to enjoy the following:


Being able to view the taxes collected in your country

(Only available for congress members)


2. Battle spectatorsEdit

Being able to check spectators in battle and with their Nationality in-game.


3. Monetary MarketEdit

You can view the monetary market transactions history.


4. CompaniesEdit

You have access to company production reports.

(Additional tools to calculate profitability of your companies)


5. Special ItemsEdit

Your premium account shortens debuff time of certain special items by 50%

2014-07-09 12-46 e-sim

6. Military UnitEdit

Gives you the ability to broadcast messages to all members of your Military Unit.


7. NewspaperEdit

Give you the ability to check who subbed and voted and newspaper and articles


8. Money SupplyEdit

You can see the money supply of your country.

(Only available for congress members)


9. PartyEdit

The ability to broadcast a message to all members of your Political Party.

(Only available for Party Leaders)


Is it possible to pay using a credit card?

Yes. You just need to create Paypal account, link it with your credit card and make an ordinary payment using your Paypal account.

Can I buy premium account for my friend?

Yes, you can buy subscription of multiple accounts using your own account. You just need to provide the name of your friend account while making a subscription.

Will I lose my premium account if I cancel subscription?

Not instantly. Canceling subscription means, that your Paypal account won't be charged automatically every 30 days. If you cancel subscription, you will still have premium account before it expires

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