I have only been in the game a few days but I am enjoying it so far. I do not have a ton of suggestions but some that may improve the game-play.

  1. Economy - I started a company and now I can work for myself. This is awesome and I enjoy it. However, to expand and make higher profits, I need to hire more people. My only issue is... No one will take my job paying so little. I suggest we allow congressional votes to determine the min and max pay each industry (raw and product) can offer in a job/skill level. This will help the economy flow in a better, more even pattern.
  2. Economy - Is it possible to own land? We know how many miles are in each area in a country. I would love to be able to buy some land and mine for some rare resources. Or be able to rent land to people owning houses or certain company types? This one should be thought out a little more to not over complicate the game.
  3. Work - We should be able to work in 8 hour shifts and hold at least 2 jobs. Not to be greedy but to improve the economy if the suggestion above is put into place. I have no problem putting the work in to become a great, strong player but I would like to play at least twice a day. As it says in a different post, a lot of people join and quit because they get bored. A little more interaction with the game would foster return gamers.
    1. Maybe one job with the option to work overtime and it costs health? But it would only apply if suggestion 1 is in place.
  4. School - Why is there no school? I should be able to put my health and training towards improving my work skill level if I do not want to be a soldier.

Thanks for listening! :-)

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