Suna is the third server of e-Sim. Almost all countries of the world are part of Suna.

Suna server is over two years old (according to October 2016), It has about 9,000 active players, within 155 countries.

Suna's Staff are divided into SGO's (Super Game Operators), GOA's (Game Operator Admin), GO's (Game Operators), Forum Moderators, Wiki Moderators and Ticket System moderators.

SGO's GO's Wiki Moderators GOA's Forum Moderators Ticket System Moderators
nevo1234 Aiden Pearce GaGaN Admin news GaGaN anon3525
Staff Org bryan19 Anqa Mapsai Bazilikum
drakdd paranoidmelon Luminar
Golden Mage seniz_It
Grasshopper taiwanese
leila jon

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