Wood in general Wood Edit

Wood is raw material used in house companies. To use wood in your company, all you need to do is simply have some in your inventory. It is useless

Wood is produced in wood companies. You need to create a wood company in a region that has medium or high trees.

Buying wood Edit

If you do not have the means of producing your own wood (i.e. by owning a woodd company), you can buy them on the product market.

Market Place-Wood

Simply follow these steps: Market » Product Market » Select Wood(1) » Choose the Country(2) from wich you whould like to buy them » Click on View offers » Buy the required amount

Regions rich in wood Edit

There are 9 high and 14 medium wood regions at the moment.

High wood regions Edit

Suna OnlyEdit

Medium wood regions Edit

Medium Give 25% less production. I advise against making a company in Medium

Suna OnlyEdit

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