Yoshitsune is a citizen of e-Japan, born on Day 617 in Primera.

Before e-Japan was established, Yoshitsune was born in e-China and double-clicking in Zodiac Military Unit.

When e-Japan was founded in Primera, the application of Yoshitsune's immigration was accepted by Japanese Congress, and he became one of the first batch of immigrants in new-born e-Japan.

Political CareerEdit


Jpn flag2
  • June 2014 (4 votes)
  • July 2014 (6 votes)
  • August 2014 (7 votes)

Party Leader of United Japan

  • July 2014 (7 votes)
  • August 2014 (12 votes)


Northern Honshu Q5 weapon


The Leader of Military Unit : Kamikaze Tokko

Kamikaze tokko
Kamikaze Tokko was bought from #strade as a second-hand elite MU. Although with the citizenship of Thailand, this MU has always been fighting for e-Japan.

Highlight Moments


【極東の光栄】 (Glory of Far-east), mainly reporting the news of Asia.

With 192 subscriptions currently.

Related EventEdit

Participated in Primera Event of Contest, and his work was nominated as Number 6 by evaluation of Staff Team.

E-Japan poster

The No.6 work of contest event.

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